Annual rucks

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tactical fitness ruck training

Healthy Benefits

  • mentally  
  • physically  
  • emotionally  
  • spiritually 


The program is designed to get men and women involved in a physical exercise program designed to have daily purpose, interaction with others with some of the same issues.  Also building lasting SAFE positive relationships that give a healthy sense of worth.  Group physical activities have proven to help our cognitive abilities, emotional well-being, along with all the benefits of personal interaction with others and of course our overall physical health.

The core of our RALLY training is our A.I.R. training (Advanced Interval RUCK training)
A functional group exercise program to improve cardiovascular health along with anaerobic fitness, utilizing RUCK sacks and sand bags as resistance tools. 

If you are looking for fat loss, additional muscle density, tone and or muscle gain along with an increase in energy, mental clarity and having a meaningful connection to others, this is the program for you.  


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