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Building Small High Performance Homes for WARRIORS in need

Shelter is one of our first basic needs.  

We have developed a building process called Thermal Insulated Panel System or TIPS for short. The TIPS are built completely off-site, then delivered to the site. It only takes two days to assemble the home once the TIPS are delivered.  

Complete with all the amenities needed for the warrior to 

thrive not just survive!

These homes are designed to be super efficient to operate utilizing the latest technology to achieve the smallest amount of energy as possible. 

We keep the costs as low as possible for the warriors. 

Do you know a warrior in your community that could use a RALLY Home? 


Multiple homes in a community with a Common Life Center as the HUB of the neighborhood.  The CLC is the place we RALLY to work, play, learn and teach.

We are providing homes, not just housing for warriors in need. Building community for these men and women is just one of the ways we are providing a hand up, not a hand out.

We have a work program in place with fellow Warriors along with local High School and College building trades students to build these homes.  

Teaching, learning and working alongside each other is a great benefit to all involved.

We can't do this alone!

We need your help

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